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We are a society of busy people.  Here I am on maternity leave and I feel just as busy as ever!  Today alone I dropped my oldest off at daycare, stopped by the church office to answer some questions, picked up some things we needed from the store, dropped off a package at the post office and old clothes to the thrift store, opened up a savings account for my son, and went to a doctor's appointment.  Please, tell me again about how I should sleep when the baby sleeps.  When do I have time?  I'm just too busy!

But, with the addition of our newest child I've come to the realization that I'm not really helping anyone by being so busy all the time.  Now that my family has started back with our fall activities, there are three days a week that I will only see my oldest child at breakfast and dinner.  And I'm ashamed to admit that a friend of mine confided in me how lonely she feels, but I've been too busy spend any time with her.  While I'm keeping busy, the people who need me the most are getting the least of me.

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Every mom experiences a life full of highs and lows.  There are days when were at the top of our game.  We're our daughter's hero after finding a lost toy, we gave a stellar performance of "Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom" before bedtime, or just gently rocked our little darling till she fell soundly asleep.

But there are days when we're just in survival mode.  Little things can ruffle your feathers, like lost keys, toddler tantrums, grumpy husbands, potty training, and your child's war against pants (the struggle is real)!  But many moms deal with depression, broken families, debt, and medical problems (just to name a few).  This playlist is for those days when you're just trying to keep you head above water (or want to celebrate the days you did)!

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My daughter and I spend a lot of time in the car together.  She's my little tag-along.  I drop her off at daycare and then pick her up again.  She goes with me to run errands and attends meetings, practices, and a lot of other events with me.  Sometimes on our drives she stares out the window hoping to catch sight of an airplane or a train.  Other times I can look back and see her little head bopping along with the radio.

Recently, on our way home from the library, I heard Hawk Nelson's song, "Live Like You're Loved".  If you haven't heard it yet, it goes a little something like this:


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Joanna Wilkins of Top London Cleaners Finchly shares with us some tips on involving the whole family in daily chores while keeping things fun for everyone!


It is an out-dated perception that the cleaning chores should be performed by the woman in the house. Everybody should participate in that process, regardless of age or gender. That's the right formula to balance between the duties and leisure time. For quite a long time, it has been a moot point if the kids should be included in the cleaning at home, but you may be surprised at the benefits of doing that. Don't be afraid at the thought that your family will hate you from asking them to be included in the cleaning. If you have the right approach of how to do it, everything will go smoothly and you will have even a lot of fun. This article will provide you with some useful tactics to make everybody participate in the cleaning chores and keep them happy.

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***This post contains affiliate link to products that I found useful during my 31 Days of Cleaning.  If you would like to buy one of these products, just click on the link and you will be taken to the store's website where you can purchase them yourself.  This in now way affects the price you pay for these products, it just gives me credit and compensates me for the referral.***

So, you may be wondering why my 31 Days of Cleaning series skips from Day 7 to Day 31.  Well...about that...  This month's cleaning challenge I set for myself did not go nearly as well as I had hoped.  After AWANA, worship team practice, a rally, 4 days of revival at our church, followed by AWANA and worship team practice again, I lost my will power.  To be honest, I was just too tired to clean.

But, the month wasn't a complete loss.  My family hosted a party at our house which meant we had no choice but to get the main living area clean for our guests.  This may have included lots of 'disappearing' items to get rid of the clutter, but it's still nice to walk into the house and see a clean kitchen, dining room, and living room.  And it consolidated the mess to just a few rooms where we can continue to work on eliminating the mess.

Here are a few things I learned this month:

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