12 Months of Christmas, August:  "Wow!" Gifts

This month's item is probably the most important gift of the year:  the "WOW" gift.

What is a wow gift you ask?  Think back to Christmas with your kids.  The wow gift is the present your child opened and said, "WOW!".  The one you purposely saved back for last because you knew once they had opened it, the only thing on their mind would be to try out this amazing gift.  That's a wow gift.

Yes these kids need sock, shoes, and school supplies, but who are we kidding?  They're kids!  They want something cool to play with.

Here's my suggestion for this month--take a kid shopping with you.  It could be your kid, your grandkid, a niece or nephew, or even a neighbor kid.  Turn them loose in the toy aisle and wait for them to pick up a toy and say, "Wow!"

Once you find your toy, ask yourself a few questions before buying it.

  • Is is sturdy?  I'm not real concerned if the party horn I sent gets broken before they get home, but a wow gift is different.  I want to be sure it stands up to wear & tear for many years to come.
  • Does it need batteries?  I tend to stay away from toys that require batteries to be fun because once their dead, they're kind of useless.
  • Does it make sense?  My daughter loves Paw Patrol.  She calls it, "My Show".  I think any little boy or girl would love to have a plush of Chase, or Sky, or Marshall, or even the little action figures and cars.  But a toy version of Ryder's communication pad may not make a lot of sense to someone who hasn't ever seen the show.
  • Does it look like a weapon or make the child look like a soldier?  Many of these children are living in war-torn areas.  They don't want guns, knives, or camo.
  • Will it fit in a shoe box?  I don't think that one needs much explanation.

If your answer to all these questions is "Yes", then congratulation!  You've found your "Wow" gift!

Here are some ideas of toys that make good wow gifts:

  • Balls with an air pump
  • Baseball & Mitt
  • Dolls
  • Tea Sets
  • Plush Animal (or anything you can hug)
  • Puppets
  • Large Dinosaur or Animal Figurines
  • Larger Cars or Boats
  • Use your imagination (or your child's imagination)!


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