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Being a working parent definitely has its benefits.  I enjoy being having a break from the temper-tantrums, letting someone else take care of the diaper changes, and talking to people with a vocabulary of more than 4 or 5 words.

One of the things that causes anxiety to a lot of parents when handing over their baby to a child-care provider is the thought of missing out on your child's firsts.  First step, first word, you get the idea. 

My husband and I both decided before sending our daughter to daycare that her firsts didn't count unless one of the two of us was there to see it.  Instead of worrying about her first attempt to do something, we focused on her first for us.  Anything else was just a trial run.

Our daycare provider had a different solution with her youngest.  When her daughter did something for the first time she would call her husband at work to tell him about it.  He kept a calendar in his desk where he could write down his daughter's milestones.  Even though he didn't get to see all her first, he still played a part in recording them.

And of course, being able to make videos means one parent can record the moment for the other!

But don't overlook the firsts that you have control over.  First haircut, first trip to the zoo, first time on a slide.  You can plan these around your work schedule.  And the firsts don't stop once they can walk and talk.  You have a whole life full of first with your child to look forward to.  First day of school, first time changing the oil by herself, the birth of his first child.

Let's be honest.  You child doesn't care if you missed the first time he rolled over.  But there are plenty of other firsts that he will care about.



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