Let's be honest here for a minute.  I am not a Super Mom.  I do have Super Mom moments, but most of the time I'm just stumbling throught this thing called motherhood and learning as I go.  But today, as I was driving down the road I heard Francesca Battistelli's song, "If We're Honest" and I had a new realization.

In her song she sings, "I'm a mess and so are you.  We've built walls nobody can break through."  Could it be that I'm not the only mom who's just getting by?  Could there really be other imperfect mom's like me?

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Daddy | Higdons' Happy Home

There are all sorts of males in this world. There are great leaders, doctors, teachers, police, fire men, and professionals. They are outstanding in their perspective fields but is that all? It takes a Man to be a DADDY. Most males have the ability to make children but it takes a true man to be a DADDY.

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Mommy, Slow Down | Higdons' Happy Home

Last Mother’s Day, Nichole Nordeman’s “Slow Down” brought tears to the eyes of mothers everywhere—including this mama. I’m not one to try and wish my child to stay little forever, but watching other children passing through stages my daughter will never again see made me tear up a little. Just a little.

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As stores are gearing up for picnic season it's a great time to pick up colorful tableware to send to your Operation Christmas Child.  There are lots of plastic dishes on the shelves with fun colors and characters that would be sure to brighten a child's day!  The list this month is short, but the options are not.  I'll include lots of pictures this month for inspiration!  Here are some of my suggestions:

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Being a parent is hard.  I work outside the home so in the morning I am scrambling to get myself and my daughter fed, dressed and out the door.  Then, after work I pick up my daughter, run home to fix dinner and squeeze in some play time before a bath and bed.  And that's on a slow day!  When I was staying home with baby things were even crazier!  The stress of caring all day for a cranky baby found me standing at the door each evening waiting for my husband to come home so I could hand her off.

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As the school year winds down it's a good time to take a look back at all the things you child has accomplished in the past year.  If you're attending your child's graduation this year, then no doubt you're reflecting on the growth your child has seen in the last several years.  Your child has practiced writing letters, adding numbers, and reading stories.  He may have written papers, painted a painting, or learned about living organisms. 

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Happiness | Higdons' Happy Home

Throughout life people try to get ahead. They want prestige. They crave power. They yearn for money. These people will never know true happiness. Their lives will be forever in darkness, turmoil, and strife. They will never know true joy.

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Dear Litterbug... | Higdons' Happy Home

Dear Litterbug,

This love affair you have with my yard is getting out of hand.  The candy wrappers, the plastic bottles and the paper bags . . . it needs to stop. 

And the beer bottles?  They are probably the worst.  You don't seem to understand.  I have small child.  I don't know about where you let your kids play, but I prefer to keep mine away from broken glass.  But you make it so difficult.  I have a rather large yard, but you make the available play space smaller and smaller with each g;ass bottle you carelessly toss.

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10 Board Books for Active Toddlers | Higdons' Happy Home


As a parent, you know that you should be reading to your child everyday.  But if you've been blessed with an active toddler, you know that getting him to sit still long enough to look at a book can be challenging.  So why not choose books that cater to your child's energy and curiosity, rather than trying to restrain it?  Below are 10 books to keep little hands and little bodies busy.

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