Being a parent is hard.  I work outside the home so in the morning I am scrambling to get myself and my daughter fed, dressed and out the door.  Then, after work I pick up my daughter, run home to fix dinner and squeeze in some play time before a bath and bed.  And that's on a slow day!  When I was staying home with baby things were even crazier!  The stress of caring all day for a cranky baby found me standing at the door each evening waiting for my husband to come home so I could hand her off.

And then there are the Pinterest and Facebook moms who seem to have everything together.  They have beautiful houses, crafty kids and the answers to all of life's problems.  Meanwhile, my sink is full of dishes, the booties I started crocheting two years ago are laying at the bottom of my craft bag, and my daughter has developed an incurable fear of the bathtub.

That's how come last night I stormed through the house and then collapsed on the floor in tears.  All because I didn't have any clean jeans.  Silly, I know.

You see, it's really easy for me to get caught up in trying to be Super Mom.  I see some tips online for preparing your kid for preschool, but I want to do even better.  Next thing you know I'm creating an 18-year plan for my daughter!

But that's not my job.  God has plans for my daughter and for my family.  It's taken care of.  When I start trying to take God's responsibility and make it mine, or try to be someone other than the woman he has called me to be I'm working toward a fruitless outcome.  I become so overwhelmed that I can no longer handle the simple tasks he has for me--like making sure my family has clean laundry.

I love the Casting Crowns song "Just Be Held".  The lyrics, "Stop holding on and just be held." really speak to me.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"  As long as I insist on clinging to a life I was not called to live I will never be at peace.  I have to relinquish control to him and trust in his plan.  I need to take time to just be held and to listen.

Parenting is hard, but if you give control back to God where it belongs the hardest part is taken care of.

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