This week I am very excited to feature a guest post from my friend Terry Faughtenberry. Be sure to check back in future weeks as there are more posts from Terry in the works!  -Stacey


There are great heroes in this world. They take many forms and have many names. Superman protects his city and this world. Batman destroys evil for the good people of Gotham. My brother's favorite, Spiderman catches the villains in New York. These fictional beings keep us entertained. They provide an outlet that always sees that the good guy wins, in the end. But in our world, they sometimes lose. They are mere humans. These are our real heroes.

The fireman, who saves the house or rescues the kitten from a tree. He is a person. He trains. He gets burned. He strives to help the community. The fireman fights against human nature and goes into fires. It is not that he is mental, it is that he is a hero.

The policeman does many thankless deeds. He works crashes, burglaries, and thefts. He will try to stop a robbery or an assault. He works many hours to see that the civilians are safe. The people that he swore to protect criticize and second guess him. He will bleed or die, but his body and spirit will continue to be a hero.

And the greatest of them all, a father or mother. These are truly our greatest superheros. These simple people protect, heal, teach, and love. They give life or adopt you. They give up sleep. They give you their last bit of food. The clean, clothe, and feed you before themselves. They kiss your wounds and hold you close. They are fierce as lions, fighting for you. They bleed or die to protect you. These selfless people are made of flesh and blood. They have no superpowers except love. They will sacrifice all for their children. Be like them, hold them high, and above all love them because they are truly SUPERHEROES.


About the Author:
Terry Faughtenberry served as Deputy Sheriff for 26 years, a Field Training Officer, and Academy Instructor.  He enjoyed writing about his personal experiences with faith and family (both blood and blue).  Terry passed away while on duty in 2017.







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