Every mom experiences a life full of highs and lows.  There are days when were at the top of our game.  We're our daughter's hero after finding a lost toy, we gave a stellar performance of "Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom" before bedtime, or just gently rocked our little darling till she fell soundly asleep.

But there are days when we're just in survival mode.  Little things can ruffle your feathers, like lost keys, toddler tantrums, grumpy husbands, potty training, and your child's war against pants (the struggle is real)!  But many moms deal with depression, broken families, debt, and medical problems (just to name a few).  This playlist is for those days when you're just trying to keep you head above water (or want to celebrate the days you did)!


Fighter, Jamie Grace

 Download Jamie Grace's Fighter here! (Affiliate Link)

Fight Song, Rachel Platten

Download Rachel Platten's Fight Song here! (Affiliate Link)

Not Backing Down, Blanca (feat. Tedashii)

Download Blanca's Not Backing Down here! (Affiliate Link)

Brave, Moriah Peters

Download Moriah Peter's Brave here!  (Affiliate Link)

Stand Strong, Moriah Peters

Download Moriah Peters' Stand Strong here!  (Affiliate Link)

Invincible, Kelly Clarkson

Download Kelly Clarkson's Invincible here!  (Affiliate Link)

Strong Enough, Stacie Orrico

Download Staci Orrico's Strong Enough here! (Affiliate Link)

Giants Fall, Francesca Battistelli

Download Francesca Battistelli's Giants Fall here!  (Affiliate Link)

Strong Enough, Matthew West

Download Matthew West's Strong Enough here!  (Affiliate Link)

Tough, Craig Morgan

Download Craig Morgan's Tough here!  (Affiliate Link)

 I'm Gonna Love You Through It, Martina McBride

Download Martina McBride's I'm Gonna Love You Through It here!  (Affiliate Link)

Ride, Martina McBride

Download Martina McBride's Ride here!  (Affiliate Link)

Press On, Mandisa

Download Mandisa's Press On here!  (Affiliate Link)

Overcomer, Mandisa

Download Mandisa's Overcomer here!  (Affiliate Link)

Stronger, Mandisa

Download Mandisa's Stronger here!  (Affiliate Link)

Diamonds, Hawk Nelson

Download Hawk Nelson's Diamonds here!  (Affiliate Link)

Press On, Building 429 (feat. Blanca)

Download Building 429's Press On here!  (Affiliate Link)

We Won't Be Shaken, Building 429

Download Building 429's We Won't Be Shaken here!  (Affiliate Link)

One More Round, BarlowGirl

Download BarlowGirl's One More Round here!  (Affiliate Link)

Don't Give Up Hope, Third Day

Download Third Day's Don't Give Up Hope here!  (Affiliate Link)

It's Not Over Yet, For King & Country

Download For King & Country's It's Not Over Yet here!  (Affiliate Link)

Fix My Eyes, For King & Country

Download For King & Country's Fix My Eyes here!  (Affiliate Link)


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