If I had my own mommy theme song that played when I got up in the morning I think it would be Francesca Battistelli's "This is the Stuff".

Just to prove my point--this morning, on my day off, I had to go into work because yesterday I stuck my wallet in my desk drawer and forgot about it until I was at a register with no way to pay for my meal (luckily, my mom picked up the tab). And my phone is usually either lost or dead. I had a boss once that told me if I was Catholic, my saint would be Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost items.

I've tried creating a specific place to put things, I've tried putting them back into my purse as soon as I'm done with them, I even clip my work keys to my pants to help keep track of them, but I still loose things. On a regular basis.

But here's the deal. As frustrating as it is (and believe me, it's VERY frustrating), God can use my talent for losing things. You see, I have a daughter who looks up to me and wants to be just like me. When I brush my teeth, she does too. When I sit down to read a book, she does too. If I accidentally burp, she tries to burp too (which is weird...and a little gross). When I get frustrated and let my emotions get the better of me, she does too.

She's watching everything I do. If these little things pop up and I get angry or storm around the house in a bad mood, I'm teaching my daughter to handle her frustrations in the same way. If something doesn't go my way and I blame everyone around me, my daughter will never learn to take responsibility for her own actions. But if I approach each situation with grace and kindness, my daughter will too (eventually).

When my daughter was born, my husband and I entered into full-time children's ministry. I don't have an office and I don't put on elaborate programs, but I am responsible for teaching my daughter to love God and to treat others the way Jesus would. It's all the little things that get under my skin that give me the opportunity to show her how to do that.

So tomorrow morning when I'm running late and can't find my keys, I will sing this song and remind myself that someone little is watching and this is a perfect opportunity for her to learn.

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