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As a parent, you know that you should be reading to your child everyday.  But if you've been blessed with an active toddler, you know that getting him to sit still long enough to look at a book can be challenging.  So why not choose books that cater to your child's energy and curiosity, rather than trying to restrain it?  Below are 10 books to keep little hands and little bodies busy.


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Barnyard Dance


I read this book for the first time when I was about 10 years old, and I loved it!  Why?  Because when I would read it, the kids that were littler than me would clap and stomp and twirl just like the animals!  If your little one just has too much energy to sit down and read, this is a great book for them to act out.


 Play with Me!

My daughter just got this book a couple days ago, but it has already become one of her favorites.  Patch the dog is looking for someone to play with, but who will it be?  Each page has a different animal hidden behind an easy-to-move slider.  My daughter loves moving the slider on each page to see who is hidden!


Touch and Feel Farm

This is the first book I ever read to my daughter and it continues to be one of her favorites.  Each page describes how a different animal feels and has a place for the child to touch.  So they can actually feel the furry sheepdog and the woolly sheep. 


My On the Farm Magnet Book

This is another fun farm book.  Farmer Hay is taking care of his animals, and your child can help!  The book comes with 8 animal magnets that your child can stick to the pages.  He can help the chicks find their mommy, put the sheep back in the field, and return a hungry pigglet back to his pen.


Sing Along Bible Songs


This is another book my daughter loves.  Each page has a different song, like "Deep and Wide", "This Little Light of Mine", "What a Friend We Have in Jesus".  Your child can press a button to start the music and sing into the microphone while you follow along with the words on the page!  Very noisy, but very fun!


The Cheerios Animal Play Book

We haven't had a chance to play with this book yet, but I'm sure it will be fun.  Each page has recessed spot for a child to place Cheerios so that monkeys can juggle, leopards can have spots, and owls can have glasses.  As the child gets older you can have them count how many Cheerios they need for the flowers to have centers or the seals to have balls.


Baby Einstein's Mirror Me!

Your toddler will have fun watching his own facial expressions in this book.  The animals each make a silly face for your child to copy and then your toddler can see his own silly face in the mirror!  You may want to clean this book occasionally though becasue the mirrors get dirty with fingerprints (or sometimes tongue prints).


The Wheels on the Bus

My daughter got this book as a present when she was born.  The book is in the shape of a bus and has wheels so that she can roll it around like a toy car.  Then when she's done, we can unsnap the latch that holds the pages together and read about her bus!


In My Home

This is another book I haven't got to read with my daughter yet, but it looks like fun.  A slider-puzzle is build into each page.  When your toddler unscrambles the puzzle it will show a picture and a word!  The completed picture is in the background to make it easy for little ones to find where the sliders go.


My Family

Your child can be the star of his own book about what he knows best--his family!  The book has six slots where you can photograph your child doing fun things with his family and then slide them into the book!  The top of the book has a handle so that busy little bodies can carry it with them wherever they go!


What books does your active toddler love?

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