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There are all sorts of males in this world. There are great leaders, doctors, teachers, police, fire men, and professionals. They are outstanding in their perspective fields but is that all? It takes a Man to be a DADDY. Most males have the ability to make children but it takes a true man to be a DADDY.

He takes the time to listen to the little stories your little one tells. They sit there while a darling little girl paints your face. They play catch with their son, instead of watching the game on television. They give their last breath to protect that precious child.

Being a Daddy brings joys and heartbreak. He wants to always be kind but knows he must raise them with discipline. He must teach them how to be a respected person. Someone to be looked up to. He must show them how treat a family.

The word brings all types of images to people's minds. Some see a young man, with a pregnant wife. Others see a man with a swaddled baby being loved and nurtured. While others see an old man sitting on a bench while his children's children play in a park. The thing they all share is being a Daddy.


About the Author:
Terry Faughtenberry has served as Deputy Sheriff for 26 years, a Field Training Officer, and Academy Instructor. He enjoys writing about his personal experiences with faith and family (both blood and blue).



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