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Throughout life people try to get ahead. They want prestige. They crave power. They yearn for money. These people will never know true happiness. Their lives will be forever in darkness, turmoil, and strife. They will never know true joy.

Joy is the sticky goo on your briefcase. It is the mystery mess that you find under the couch. Joy is the stained clothes that are in your laundry basket. It is the unknown thing that you step on in the middle of the night. The remote control that disappears before the big game. You ask, how is this joy? The joy comes from your happiness.

Happiness from the first smile. From when a tiny hand grips your finger. Happiness is the first steps and words. It is hearing "Mommy" or "Daddy." The messes that they make will be missed after they grow up. But the smile is still in your thoughts. The Happiness and Joy emanate from your heart. Your children hold on to your heart and soul long after they let go of your hand.

The other person will never know how this type of love fills you with everything that you could ever wish for. That person has money and fame but you have the warmth of your child. Embrace it. Hold it. Love them!

About the Author:
Terry Faughtenberry has served as Deputy Sheriff for 26 years, a Field Training Officer, and Academy Instructor. He enjoys writing about his personal experiences with faith and family (both blood and blue).


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