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This month we're going to focus on something you may not have given much thought to--the shoeboxes themselves!  Your shoebox isn't just a shipping container for all the items you've collected this year.  It is a treasure box for the child who receives it.  So why not take the time to make it something extra special?  Here are some things other bloggers have done with their shoeboxes.

Amy of likes to wrap her shoeboxes with old maps.  Why not do the same with your box and then mark where you live?


Jennifer of uses colorful bandanas to line clear, plastic shoeboxes.  I love this idea because not only does the child receive a bandana they can wear, they also get a sturdy box to keep all their treasures in!

Amy of had the idea to use an old Altoids tin to make a mini chalk board.  Why not do the same thing with the lid of your shoebox?

Or maybe you want to create an entire city inside your shoebox!

Even if you don't feel particularly crafty, there are lots of ways to let your shoebox recipient know that he or she is loved.

Mary from

Just make sure that when you're done the box can still be shipped easily and is filled with goodies that will delight a child!

What are your plans for your shoebox?


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