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My life looks nothing like Pinterest--unless you're talking about funny Pinterest Fails, and then maybe it does.  But the polished, simple, diy stuff?  None of those pictures were taken at my house.

I would love to be able to serve my family a meal from a recipe I created, but in reality, I use the smoke detector as an over timer.  I tried making a cute keepsake from my baby's footprints, but my design was sized for handprints so the footprints didn't fit.  And the moms who have secrets on how to potty train a child in just three days?  Well, let's just say I'll be washing a load of nothing but little underwear tonight.

It's really easy to look at other moms on Pinterest or Facebook and see all the things they're doing right, and all the things you're doing wrong.  But you're only seeing half the story.  What you don't see is when their baby spit-up all over their outfit 5 minutes before they had to be somewhere.  Or the massive diaper explosion that is now covering the baby's car seat.  You don't see that their toddler will only wear flip-flops, even though it's 30°F.  Or that their child is currently waging a war against all foods that are the color green.

All you see are the polished images and handcrafted descriptions they've decided to share.  You don't see all the parts of their life left on the cutting room floor.

I love the song, Pretty Lies by the band Verida.  In it they sing, "We were ment to be perfectly imperfect.  Such a beautiful mess.  I'm calling out these pretty, pretty lies."

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When we think our family is being deprived because we made Mac 'n Cheese out of a box instead of homemade in the oven--we're believing a pretty lie.  When we think our home doesn't feel inviting to guests because we can't create a centerpiece out of a toothpick and some toilet paper rolls--we're believing a pretty lie.  When we believe we are failing our kids because we aren't perfect parents--we're believing pretty lies.

There's nothing wrong with being a good cook or being crafty.  But it's also not a requirement to be a good mom.  It's time we start "Calling out these pretty, pretty lies" that makes us feel like we're not good enough and focus on what we have to offer!  That's going to look different for every mom.

For me:  Hugs?  Check!  Bedtime stories?  Check!  Lots of music?  Double check!  Magic feel-better kisses?  You better believe it!

What pretty lies have you been believing?



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