It's the time of year where, before stuffing ourselves full of turkey and potatoes, people often go around the table and say something they're thankful for.  I talked with one mother, though, who has decided to make being thankful a year-round thing for her family.

She puts out a "Blessing Jar" and slips of paper.  Each day her children are encouraged to write down something they are thankful for and drop it in the jar.  At the end of the year, they sit down as a family and read through all the blessings that they have received.  The mom said she was amazed at how thoughtful her kids' responses were.  She assumed that they would be thankful for "things", but in reality, they were thankful for the people and experiences in their lives.

I love this idea!  Sometimes we get so focused on the things we don't have or situations that aren't going our way that we forget there are things every day we can be thankful for.  In their song, "Thank God for Something" Hawk Nelson sings this, "You're gonna see the good if you're good at looking, so go ahead and thank God for something!"

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If we're constantly discontent with our surroundings we're going to continue to see things that support that view.  If Thanksgiving is the only time we stop to be grateful, that's the only time we will feel grateful.  If we look everyday for things we can be thankful for, everyday we will see new things that we had never appreciated before.

How are you teaching your children to be thankful?  

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