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I love that Gymboree (Affiliate Link) has started offering clothing based on classic children's books.  First, there was "The Pokey Little Puppy", "The Fuzzy Duckling", and "The Shy Kitten".  Now, there's "Peter Rabbit".  I remember this book from when I was a kid, and it didn't take long until someone gave a copy of the book to my daughter.  Now, she can dress to match the story!

I love the pink, polka-dotted dress with Peter Rabbit dashing across the front.  The ruffled sleeves, matching floral fabric, and pretty bow in the back make for a very dainty looking outfit.  Match that with Gymboree's Rabbit Crib Shoes and Rabbit Ears Cardigan and you have an adorable Easter outfit!

Peter Rabbit Dress
Rabbit Crib Shoes
Rabbit Ears Cardigan

And who doesn't love a little boy in a bow-tie?  This little outfit features a blue bow-tie, blue shorts, and little blue suspenders.  The button-down shirt is printed with little carrots and pictures of an active Peter Rabbit.  Add to that, Peter Rabbit socks and blue sun-hat, and your little boy is ready to go out and explore!

Rabbit Bow Tie Set
Rabbit & Stripe Socks
Rabbit Hat

Or maybe an evening of snuggling on the couch is more your style.  Cozy up with these rabbit ear pajamas, fuzzy bunny slippers, and a Peter Rabbit plush toy.  

Rabbit Ears 1-Piece
Bunny Slippers
Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

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