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Around Valentine's Day we hear a lot said about love.  My husband and I will probably have a special dinner together to celebrate how much we love each other.  Sometimes, when things get busy, we skip the dinner and just exchange gifts to show our love.  I'm sure my husband knows just how much I love him, but it's more important to me that he knows how much I respect him.

Probably the best example I have seen of this was my great aunt and great uncle.  

After retiring, they both wanted to travel and my uncle wanted to fish, so they started looking at RVs.  My uncle had found one that he liked, but my aunt didn't like the color.  

The salesman shrugged it off and continued to talk to my uncle about financing and features.  My uncle told him, "No, we're not going to get this one.  My wife doesn't like it."

The salesman look at him funny and said, "Yes, but you like this one.  Are you going to let your wife tell you what to do?"

My uncle could have given in.  After all he did like this RV.  Instead, he stood his ground.  His wife didn't like it so they weren't getting it and that was that.

My aunt didn't throw a fit.  She didn't whine and complain to get her way.  My uncle chose not to get that RV because he respected my aunt and her opinion.  He wanted something they could both be happy with.

That's how I want to treat my husband.  We make decisions together, but when we disagree, I want him to know I respect his judgement.  Even if he decides not to go with my suggestions, I will follow him because he has earned my respect.  I'm not oppressed.  I'm not forced into following his leadership.  I do it willingly because he has shown that he is deserving of the respect I give him.  Without respect, my love means nothing.

My husband has sacrificed his time, money, and energy for our family.  I want him to know that I've noticed.  I want him to know that I appreciate his sacrifices.  But most of all, I want him to know that I respect his efforts to lead our family as a great father and a great husband.

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