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This weekend was a crazy one!  It started with me waking up on Thursday to realize I had pink eye (boo!).  Now this is not the first time pink eye has come to my home.  My daughter got it right before Christmas and learned to play hide-and-seek every time we were ready to put in her eye drops.  It was miserable for everyone.  So I was determined not to pass it back to her.

Que the Clorox Wipes (affiliate link)!  My daughter actually helped me with this one.  We wiped down all the door knobs, remote controls, and anything else we thought might be infected.  I had to stop her when she went to wipe down our Super Nintendo, but let her go right ahead and sanitize all of her puzzles.

During my unplanned time off from work I decided to finally get the cradle out of the middle of the dinning room.  It will be a long time before the baby gets here, but we can't really leave the cradle where it is.  I took the opportunity to clean all the jewelry and hair bands off my night stand and fish out the random things that had gotten pushed under the bed.  It doesn't sound like much, but it took me most of the afternoon!

Then, the exciting part.  My  mother-in-law took our daughter for the entire weekend!  What did we do with our time alone?  Well, I went through all of our baby gear and decided what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to replace or get rid of.  I know.  We're exciting people.  But we did rent a movie Saturday night and went to a Bingo fundraiser on Sunday.  So that was pretty fun.

But last night is when I started to see real progress.  My wonderful husband helped me tackled the mountain of laundry that has been piling up in our living room.  I can keep the clothes clean, but folded is a different matter.  Before we went to bed that night we found a recliner under all those clothes!  This made my husband very happy.  He has missed sitting in his recliner and is glad to have it back.

The next few nights will be the challenging ones of the week.  With church and practices we won't be home much, but I'm determined to get the cleaning back under control!

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