Joanna Wilkins of Top London Cleaners Finchly shares with us some tips on involving the whole family in daily chores while keeping things fun for everyone!


It is an out-dated perception that the cleaning chores should be performed by the woman in the house. Everybody should participate in that process, regardless of age or gender. That's the right formula to balance between the duties and leisure time. For quite a long time, it has been a moot point if the kids should be included in the cleaning at home, but you may be surprised at the benefits of doing that. Don't be afraid at the thought that your family will hate you from asking them to be included in the cleaning. If you have the right approach of how to do it, everything will go smoothly and you will have even a lot of fun. This article will provide you with some useful tactics to make everybody participate in the cleaning chores and keep them happy.

First thing you need to do is to show everyone that cleaning and organising is essential for a good lifestyle. For example if you don't do the laundry for a week, they will not have anything to wear next week. After showing them the importance of your “job” at home, they will learn that the household duties shouldn't be underestimated or neglected. What is noted in the weekly cleaning plan should be done on time. Don't leave today's work for tomorrow!

Then, make the cleaning plan and assign doable tasks for everyone. Discuss the cleaning chores with everyone, so that you make sure that your plan is approved and fair. Consider the age and abilities, so that everybody will be able to manage their task. Make the schedule in different colours, which will grab the attention of everyone, and don't forget to place it on a noticeable place. The best place is the door of the fridge, since it is one of the most used places in your home.

Make sure that your schedule is detailed and it includes all the information about what is required to be cleaned. Cleaners from Top Cleaners Finchley remind you that everybody has different perceptions of what is clean, so don't make your family guess what you mean, but let them know your expectations.

So far, you have dealt with all the cleaning chores at home and you established your own practice. Now, it is a team activity, so you need to adjust to the different methods of everyone. Don't be too demanding and picky, and accept new ways of cleaning--you may even learn something more efficient.

Constantly keep on encouraging them! Don't let them down with statements like “I can still see the small dot on the mirror”. It doesn't make a great difference if there is a small stain, unless you are expecting some very important guests. Better keep the comment to yourself and tell them that they are doing great job and really help you. This will keep them motivated and even happy with the cleaning duties.

Every job goes easier with having fun in the meanwhile. That's why you need to get rid of the strict approach “abiding by the rules” and make things more imaginative. Create a family cleaning competition and gather points. The winner needs to be rewarded with some prize or “dictating the rules” for the weekend.

Don't hesitate, though, to include the youngest members of the family. They can perform some smaller tasks, but still participate in the “family cleaning”. This simple activity will pull together your family and provide you with feeling of unity.

Every member of the family is responsible for the cleanliness in your home. Involving even the youngest will create certain valuable habits in everyone, especially the kids. They will learn teamwork and become self reliant. Start their education for the real life at early age!

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