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We are a society of busy people.  Here I am on maternity leave and I feel just as busy as ever!  Today alone I dropped my oldest off at daycare, stopped by the church office to answer some questions, picked up some things we needed from the store, dropped off a package at the post office and old clothes to the thrift store, opened up a savings account for my son, and went to a doctor's appointment.  Please, tell me again about how I should sleep when the baby sleeps.  When do I have time?  I'm just too busy!

But, with the addition of our newest child I've come to the realization that I'm not really helping anyone by being so busy all the time.  Now that my family has started back with our fall activities, there are three days a week that I will only see my oldest child at breakfast and dinner.  And I'm ashamed to admit that a friend of mine confided in me how lonely she feels, but I've been too busy spend any time with her.  While I'm keeping busy, the people who need me the most are getting the least of me.

Well, all that is about to change.  I am starting to take a look at all the different things I do in a week and decide what is really important.  I will still have to go back to work soon, but on my days off I plan on taking each of my children (or my husband) out on a "date" to remind each of them how much they mean to me.  I doesn't have to be grand--maybe just a trip to the park or the Farmer's Market, but I do think it's important to spend time 1-on-1 with each member of my family.

And my friend who is feeling lonely?  Both our daughters will start attending AWANA together while we go to our local coffee shop and spend some time just hanging out.  We will be building each other up so that we will be stronger moms when we pick our little ones up from church.

Most importantly, my husband and I have started attending a Bible study at our church for young adults.  I have put a lot of time and effort into making sure my kids are taught the Word of God, but I've been so busy I've neglected to do the same for myself.

And of course, I've added another song to my "Soundtrack to Parenting".  Jonny Diaz will be reminding me to stop sometimes and just "Breathe".  My to-do list will still be there, but my God and my family need me now.

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