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Disclaimer:  I received the Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic & Chef Remi Digital Thermometer in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  All other products used for this project were purchased with my own money--or my husbands.  :)

When my Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets arrived on my doorstep, I had what I thought was a cute, but simple project in mind.  I wanted to use imprints of my daughter's hands to make a sunflower.  I heated up a pan of water on the stove and monitored the temperature using a digital thermometer.  Once the temperature was above 140 degrees (F) I dumped the plastic pellets in and watched them melt.

That's when I heard a knock at the door.  One of our good friends was standing there with parts he had brought over for our motorcycle.  I tried to be a part of the conversation while working on my masterpiece, but I don't think I did very well at either because I ended up with something that looked like this:

My disasterous first attempt

If you look closely you can see a single fingerprint.  While trying to craft and talk I had let the plastic cool to the point that it took a great amount of force to create any sort of indention.  In addition, I had a large amount of plastic now stuck to the inside of one of our good pots.  My husband told me "Your Great-Aunt would be rolling over in her grave if she could see what you've done to her pot!"  I was pretty discouraged, but the instructions said that if you were unhappy with the results you could "re-heat and mold it again."

The next day I was relieved to discover that the plastic that was stuck to the pan now slid out quite easily.

Phew!  After it cooled, the plastic slid right out of my pot.

I decided to try a different method of working with the plastic.  I put the piece I had already created into a Pyrex pie plate.  Under the pie plate I put a cookie sheet (to catch extra water) and a trivet (to keep the heat from damaging my table).  I heated water in my tea kettle and the poured it over the plastic.  I did this a couple times, dumping out the water as it cooled, until I had melted all of the plastic.  Then I dumped the water off and used my hands to push the melted plastic into the shape I wanted.

The white plastic is solid, while the clear places are maleable.

To speed up the project a little bit I filled the cookie sheet with cold water and added a couple ice cubes.  I just needed the plastic to harden enough that I could pull it out of the pie plate.

This is how the plastic looked after being pulled from my pie pan.

Time to add the handprints!  This turned out the be the hardest part.  To make the plastic moldable again I had to pour more hot water over the plastic again.  Once I thought I had a good amount of moldable plastic I dumped the water off.  I used an Easter egg to make the center of the flower.

After multiple attempts to stick her hands in the hot water and beating my hardened, plastic circle against the floor several times, my daughter decided she was no longer interested in my project.  I tried to get her to stamp her hand around the edges, but she refused.  We finally compromised (sort of) and we used her feet instead.  Because I had sized it off her hands instead of her feet, most of her toes went completely off the edge.  But if you look closely, you can still see a few.

I looked at her footprints and decided that I should probably quit while I was ahead.

Once the project was dried I used "Yellow Flame" and "Petunia Purple" acrylic paint from Apple Barrel to give the flower a little color.  I finished it off with Silver Spray Glitter from FloraCraft.  I chose the FloraCraft glitter because it also acts as a sealer.

To display our masterpiece I hot-glued a Sontax Sawtooth back to it so that I can hang it on the wall.

I hot glued a sawtooth back to my project so I could hang it on the wall.

My finished project!

A close-up of her little toes!


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