The Declutter, Self-Care Challenge

Our bathrooms have gotten a little out of hand.  No, my son hasn't peed on the floor.  My husband isn't leaving his stubble all over the sink.  I thinking more in the area of our medicine cabinet.  We complain that we don't have any storage space, but the honest truth is, our bathroom cabinets and drawers are filled up with stuff--and I don't even know what's in there!

So, while my husband was away and my kids were in bed, I went through every cabinet, drawer, and toiletry bag I could find.  Then, just for good measure, I went into my bedroom and did the same thing for the tops of my dresser and night-stand.  

Well, it turns out I may be the problem.  

I can't believe how much makeup, lotion, nail polish, etc. I have accumulated!  No wonder we had no space!  Why am I buying dental floss and toothpaste when we have so many samples from the dentist!  Why did I just buy an economy size package of contact solution when I already have three bottles!

Beauty care products I rounded up from my bathroom cabinets including lotions, nail polish, bath salts, hair products, samples of toothpaste and dental floss, lip balm, and many other small items.

The answer is--I didn't know I had them.  They got tucked away in the back of the cabinet and forgotten.  Some of these things I bought or was given but I didn't really know how to use them and was too embarrassed to ask for help.  Several of the lotions caused me to break out while I was pregnant.  Some things I bought on trips because I'm terrible at packing and forgot stuff (I'm looking at you, disposable razor and lip balm!).

But some of these things I just quit using.  I've never been accused of being a "girly-girl", but I used to wear make-up on dates with my husband or on Sundays for church.  But I had kids, got busy, and quit.  Who worries about perfume when you can't even brush your teeth without someone needing you to fix a toy or tattling on brother?

So, tonight I made the decision--I'm going to use this stuff!  

Partially because I need to make room in my bathroom cabinets.  But I'm also going to use it because, after two kids, 30 pounds, and 4 years of minimal sleep, I don't feel pretty anymore.  My husband and I used to get dressed up every year on our anniversary and go out somewhere special.  Last year I was pregnant and miserable so I wore shorts and a t-shirt (which I stained during dinner) and we went to see "Lego Batman" at the second-run theater. 

I want to feel pretty again.

Do I think make-up and beauty products make a person beautiful?  No.  But I do think that when you take the time to fix yourself up nice you hold your head a little higher and smile a little brighter.  So one-by-one I am going to use up these products until they are all gone. 

Anyone want to join me?  I'll be sharing on my blog, but you can join in with the action by joining my Facebook group, "The Declutter, Self-Care Challenge!"

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