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Day 1

After taking inventory of everything I collected from my bathroom cabinets, I collected the items I'm most likely to forget on a trip (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, lip balm, and razor) and packed them in my travel bag.  Now I won't have to buy these things next time I go on a trip.

I took all of the wipettes and stuck them in my purse.  I love using baby wipes from my diaper bag to clean everything when I'm on the go (baby bottoms, hands, faces, dirty fast food tables...), but once I drop my kids off at daycare I no longer have access to wipes.  Now I do.

Before going to bed I treated myself to a childless shower/bath and painted my toenails.  I haven't had my toenails painted in 6 months.  I know this because the last time I had my nails painted was right after Christmas.  My 3 year old wanted to try out the nail polish her aunt had given her for Christmas so we painted our nails together.

Items I used today:

Day 2

It's Sunday so I decided to get out the makeup and perfume!  It felt really good to get "prettied up".  My daughter noticed a difference and commented, "Mommy, you smell good!"  I can tell that I haven't worn makeup in awhile though.  My skin feels different and I forgot to brush my teeth before adding lip gloss.

The perfume I used today was one I love!  I used to have a body spray that matched my deodorant, but it was discontinued.  That year for Christmas, my sister went to Bath & Body Works and smelled every one of their scents until she found one that matched.  I remember opening the bottle on Christmas morning and thinking, "This bottle is so big!  I'll never use all of this!"  Turns out I was wrong.  My bottle is starting to get pretty low.

I was really sad to discover that the N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine I used has been discontinued.  Yeah, it's been a long time since I've worn makeup.  I guess I will have to use this last tube wisely!

Items I used today:

Day 3

This was my first day back at work after starting the challenge.  I thought about going all-in on the makeup, but another woman I know had told me a few days before that she was jealous that I didn't wear makeup.  I wasn't clear on whether she was jealous because she thought I looked good with no makeup or if she was jealous because I felt confident stepping out of the house without makeup.  Either way, I'm flattered and not sure that I want to commit to wearing makeup everyday--just on Sundays and special occasions.

But I still wanted to do something so I wore Avon Dew Kiss lip balm.  It give my lips a shine, but it's still simple enough that I can do it consistently without drawing a lot of attention to myself.

Items I used today:

Day 4

Off to a good start, but came home with a migraine.  I was too tired and in too much pain to do anything extra after the kids were in bed.

Items I used today:

Day 5

An unexpected phone call really stressed me out today.  Plus, I still have a headache that is refusing to go away, so I treated myself to bath salts.

I did get to have a little fun today though, painting my daughter's fingernails and toenails!

Items I used today:

Items my daughter used today:

  • Creative Nail Design Nail Polish (#262 Plum Puckered Out)*
  • Love My Nails (#1579 Strawberry Sizzle)*

Day 6

I had a special event at our local chamber today so I decided to try something different.  I used Maybelline's Shinesensational lip gloss.  I think the tube has been sitting too long because what came out was all gloss and no color.  But I still looked good going to my event!

I also decided to grab a bottle of lotion today.  I know most women complain about their skin getting dry in the winter.  Mine does too, but my skin also doesn't care for the more frequent shaving in the summer.

Items I used today:


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