The Declutter, Self-Care Challenge - Week 2

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Day 1

Pool day!  My daughter got pool passes this year for her birthday and it was a great way to beat the heat!  But, that also means I didn't bother with the moisturizer, lip balm, or body mist. 

One thing I should have remembered was sunscreen!  We only stayed in the pool for about an hour.  Not long enough for anyone to get a painful burn, but long enough for me to turn a little red.  Lucky for me, we have lots of aloe vera gel on hand!

I used up the last of my Girl Scout bath salts.  I don't think my skin feels any softer and my muscles don't feel any more relaxed than they do after a regular bath.  But, for some reason, in my head I feel like I have really treated myself by adding bath salts to my bath.  I think it's because when I add the salts, mentally I know that this is going to be more than just a quick dip in the bath to wash off the day's grime.  What do you think?  You can share your thought in the comments below or on the poll in our Facebook group.


Items I used today:

  • BODYSENSE Aloe Gel After-Sun Cooling (Now DG Body Aloe Gel)
  • Homemade Bath salts made by a local Girl Scout troop

Day 2

 I ran out of toothpaste today, but instead of running to the store I dug out toothpaste samples I've been collecting from dentist's visits.  My husband is a little disappointed because he has a favorite toothpaste and these samples aren't it.  But, when I showed him how much room I had cleared out of our medicine cabinet, he agree to hold off on buying a new tube until the samples were gone.

Today was another outdoor day.  We were outside from around 10AM - 9PM!  We went fishing, tried archery, went on a hike, bounced in bounce houses and ate grilled burgers and corn!  I learned my lesson from yesterday and lathered up the kids and myself in sunscreen before leaving the house.

I also decided that a day I planned to sweat a lot was not a day to worry about makeup.  I did spray on a little body mist though before I left the house! 

Items I used today:

Day 3

I am sooo tired from yesterday.  I had every intention of waking up and going to church, but it didn't happen.  Instead, I woke up about 15 minutes after church started and spent most of the day in my pajamas.

I did get up and get dressed later in the afternoon to have dinner with my husband's family.  I decided to go relaxed and picked one of my favorite mommy t-shirts and jeans.  I didn't bother with makeup again today.  I sprayed on some body mist and put some Carmex on my lips in the van (I wasn't driving). 

Items I used today:

Day 4

Back to work.  I am still tired.  And in a hurry.  I want to make time to get fixed up in the morning, but I always seem to be running late!

Items I used today:

Day 5


Items I used today:


Day 6

Today was a holiday.  I celebrated by staying in my pajamas until around 5PM and then having dinner with my grandma.  I put on some perfume, but didn't really do anything to get dressed up today.  Too tired...

Items I used today:

Day 7

I had a cute, patriotic outfit picked out for yesterday, but since I was in my pjs pretty much all day, I didn't get a chance to wear it.  So I wore it today!

Items I used today:


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