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This morning, on our way to daycare, I caught a glimpse of my 4 year old in the backseat mouthing the words, "My God's not dead he's surely alive!"  It's moments like these I'm so grateful to have quality, Christian radio in our area.  It's not about the music--my daughter can learn new songs anywhere, but rather a combination of needs these stations fill for my family, and others like ours.

  1. It's not about the music--but the music is good.  I remember one time my daughter excusing herself to go to the restroom at a restaurant.  We had the table next to the ladies room so I let her be "big" and go by herself.  A few minutes later I heard a loud, but muffled voice coming from the bathroom that I knew was my daughter.  I was all prepared to go in there and scold her for yelling and making noise, but once I opened the door I realized it was her singing "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of her lungs.  My heart melted, and after a moment of consideration, I decided to allow it.  There may have been someone in a stall nearby that needed to hear about how much Jesus loved them--even if it was from a 4 year old that had no idea anyone was listening.

    You see, music speaks to people in a way that other things can't.  It makes 4 year olds sing about God's love while sitting on the toilet, or in the car, or on the playground with their friends, or in bed when they are supposed to be sleeping, get the idea.  When I have gone through some of the deepest and darkest times in my life, it was the music on Christian radio that kept pointing me back to God, even when I didn't feel like worshiping or being in fellowship with him.

  2. It's safe for the entire family--usually.  After I drop my kids off at daycare and I'm in the car alone, I often turn the radio to talk stations to get caught up with what's going on in the world with politics, the economy, and social injustices.  But I don't dare do it with the kids in the car.  At the age of 4, there are so many things going on in the world that my daughter is not ready to learn about.  I want to protect her innocence.  While Christian radio is not immune to these same news stories, they understand there are often littles listening too.  I am so appreciative of the folks from "The Wally Show"--before discussing topics that may not be appropriate for all ages, they warn parents so they can change the station, turn off the radio, or pause the podcast, and rejoin when the topic has passed.  And I LOVE that!  Because as Christians, we need to address the messy things going on in this world, but that doesn't mean that our kids are ready to.

  3. They pray for their listeners.  Most Christian radio stations have some sort of prayer wall you can post your prayer requests to and other listeners can pray for you.  My experience was much more personal.  After hearing a Christian artist talk about a challenge in his life that my friend was also facing, I decided to write to my station to let them know how that segment had touched my heart.  The station let me know that they would pray for my friend and asked me to keep them updated.  So I did.  Again, they prayed for my friend and asked for more updates.  These people did not just throw up a quick prayer and move on to the next person, they prayed for her very specific needs for over a MONTH!

    The people that work at these stations are not there for the money and they're not there for the fame.  They're there to touch people's lives with the work God has given them.  Sometimes that means playing music, sometimes that's telling corny jokes, and sometimes that means praying for a friend of a complete stranger.

  4. They bring out the best in us.  Christian radio stations get their listeners involved in service and missions.  My family has made bracelets for girls in Indonesia, donated coats to the homeless, and provided Thanksgiving turkeys for local families who would have done without.  Why?  Because our local radio stations sounded the battle cry and we followed them out onto the mission field.

    Right now my family is working hard to pay off our debt because we want to sponsor a child through Compassion International.  Where did we first learn about Compassion?  Our local Christian radio station!
  5. My kids are really listening.  There are a lot of times I think my kids are in the backseat zoning out, but then I'll hear my daughter get excited and announce, "They're talking about Jesus!".  The most meaningful moment my daughter shared with a radio station was when she heard a short clip about the "Road to Redemption".  She didn't understand what they were talking about, but she was curious, so I tried to put it in words she understood.  I told her it was like when they talked about asking Jesus into their hearts during Sunday School.  Very matter-of-factly she told me, "I'm going to do that tonight!".  I know there were a lot more people that played a part in her story than just the man on the radio, but that clip was the gentle nudge she needed to make that life-changing commitment. 

Christian radio is so much more than a radio station.  It touches many different parts of our lives and holds something for every member of the family.  If christian radio has touched your life, please consider supporting their ministry prayerfully and/or financially.  This post was not paid for, or even requested by any specific station.  This is just one mother expressing her gratitude to all the people who have worked hard to impact families like mine with the love of Christ.  So thank you to all the DJs, media managers, station managers, prayer pastors, office workers, volunteers, and others who work behind the scenes.  Please know that your work is truly making a difference!

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