Sometimes I have some great ideas that turn out to be not so great. Like creating a rainbow mane for my daughter's pony cake. How hard can it be? I'll mix up the colors I want, throw them in a bag together, and away I'll go!

Fortunately, I received some guidance from my mom before I started my project. Apparently, when the colors are squeezed out the tip they get mixed together and create a very unappealing mess. So how did I get that rainbow mane? A technique called striping.

This is actually less work than what I had planned to do. Before you add the frosting to your bag, take a toothpick or paintbrush and paint a line of food coloring from the bottom of the bag up to the top. Do this all the way around the inside of the bag. Once you have the colors, add white frosting. The white frosting acts almost as a buffer between the colors so they don't get mixed together and give you that ugly goose poop color. That's it! Now you're ready to start decorating!

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