Being a teenager is stressful.  Nearly anyone who can remember back to their high school days can agree with that.  But, where previous generations could go home to get away from the bullying, now, thanks to social media and smart phone, cruel comments can follow them anywhere.

I could make this a post about anti-bullying, or talk about how to your teen needs to take time to unplug, but instead I want to share 10 songs to build your daughter up.  You see, it's not enough just to stop the negative comments.  You daughter needs someone to remind her all the good things that make her uniquely herself. 

So here are 10 songs your daughter can add to her playlist when the world starts getting her down.


Bloom, Moriah Peters


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Try, Colbie Callait


Colbie Caillat - Try by pathmoHD

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More Beautiful You, Jonny Diaz


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Every Bit of Lovely, Jamie Grace


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Who Says, Salina Gomez


Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says by GAS2014

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Rock What You Got, Superchick


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In the Eyes, 1 Girl Nation


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Headphones, Britt Nichole


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Furious Love, Veridia


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Do you know another song to remind your daughter how beautiful she is?  Share it below!



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