At the craft group I meet with, there is often an exchange of surplus or unwanted supplies. I was really excited a few weeks ago when someone brought in a colorful assortment of tulle they didn't need. I was wanting to make my daughter a tutu for her rainbow pony party and this was exactly what I needed to do it.

I decided to model my project after a tutu I had seen at Dillards. I loved how they put pom-poms and confetti between their layers of tulle.



Initially my plan was to attach the layers of tulle to a toddler t-shirt, but I was worried that after eating cake and ice cream the shirt would be ruined and I would have nothing to show for all my hard work. I then considered sewing the tulle to a diaper cover, but decided upon an elastic band so that the skirt could stretch further and last a little longer.

Because I wanted a colorful tutu I decided to use the tulle to make three different layers. From the bottom up my pieces measured 20in, 18in, and 12 in in height. I didn't worry about the width of the pieces as much because of all of the gathers. I used the entire width of the piece of tulle. Each piece I then folded in half to create a sort of pocket where the confetti would go.

Next, I needed to add a waistband and gathers. I stared by finding the center point in both my elastic and tulle. I pinned that first. Next I pinned the two outside edges. From there, I worked my way inward by pinning the half-way point between two pins until all the fabric was securely fastened to the elastic.



I finished off my waistband by adding a pink and white polka-dotted ribbon. When adding the ribbon, I again made sure that my ribbon was gathered, otherwise there would be no give when you went to stretch it. I sewed along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon to attach all the layers together.


Now the fun part--the confetti! I decided just to use confetti in my tutu, no pom-poms. Lucky for me, one of our local stores had confetti on sale for 50% off! For the top and bottom layer, I dumped in half a bag of star confetti. For the middle layer I used an entire bag of birthday confetti. After adding the confetti I took the two ends of the skirt and sewed them right-sides together. After turning it right-side out, all that's left is shaking the confetti to spread it out!



Looking back now at the finished project, there are a few things I think I would do differently.

  1. Use elastic ribbon. It's inexpensive, it's easier, and the whole skirt stretches better when you're finished.
  2. Fill each layer with confetti before sewing them to the waistband. I thought it would be easier to do it in reverse because I wouldn't have all that confetti in my way, but instead, I just had a huge mess when I was trying to put in my final seam.
  3. More confetti! As I was dumping it in, 1/2 a bag of star confetti seemed like a lot, but once I had it spread out, it really could have used more.
  4. Wait until the party to wear the tutu! While we were decorating the house and waiting for people to arrive, my daughter caught the tutu on a nail and spread confetti from one end of the house to the other. Luckily, I had an extra bag of confetti on hand and was able to refill the skirt and cover the hole with clear tape. My husband found the nail and hammered it back in so no one else would get caught on it.

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