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For the last several years, my church and my family have been involved in Operation Christmas Child, which is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse.  I'll let everyone's favorite Uncle Si explain


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This week I am so excited to have guest blogger, Mandy Skinner, author of the blog "Soccer Mom with Muscles" and the book "PB&J and Push-Ups: The Busy Mom's Simple Guide to Diet and Fitness".  Mandy is going to share some great tips on how moms can fit a fitness routine into an already crowded schedule!


The greatest juggling act of all time is Motherhood.  We have so many balls in the air at one time: preschool, soccer practice, dance class, field trips, laundry, dishes, middle of the night fevers, sibling disputes, and let’s not forget your husband and career!  It is easy to see why so many women let their health and wellness go to the wayside while caring for that of their families.  But, I contend that the greatest contribution a woman can make to her family is a healthy and happy mommy, wife, and woman; her best self. 

Sure we would all love a little alone time to work out some of our stress through movement that makes us feel better, both physically and mentally.  How nice would it be to work up a sweat doing something besides changing a dirty crib sheet?  So how do we add one more ball to this balancing act that is already so difficult to juggle?

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Being a teenager is stressful.  Nearly anyone who can remember back to their high school days can agree with that.  But, where previous generations could go home to get away from the bullying, now, thanks to social media and smart phone, cruel comments can follow them anywhere.

I could make this a post about anti-bullying, or talk about how to your teen needs to take time to unplug, but instead I want to share 10 songs to build your daughter up.  You see, it's not enough just to stop the negative comments.  You daughter needs someone to remind her all the good things that make her uniquely herself. 

So here are 10 songs your daughter can add to her playlist when the world starts getting her down.


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You've probably seen the various images I've posted to my Facebook page of different yard art creations.  This past week I got to spend some time with Deborah Abernathy (my mom!) of the Hypertufa Chicks learning how their craft is made.

We started by collecting all the things we would be using as molds.  The items we would be using included plastic cups, gelatin molds, a snack tray, a cake pan, leaves, a plastic bowl, bubble wrap, and a special mold created by combining a plastic container and a plastic face mold.

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 Lost socks are an ongoing problem at our house.  Baby socks washed in a front-loading washer have only compounded the problem.  My husband and I started putting all our miss-matched socks in a shoe box in the laundry room.  The problem was, we never thought to look there when were folding clothes, so what started out as a holding spot for stray socks was starting to overflow, but had never really reunited anythings.  So to keep the socks in place where they were easily visible I hung some twine along the wall above our washer and drier and used clothes pins to display the socks.  A simple solution to a frustrating problem!

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