This week I am very excited to feature a guest post from my friend Terry Faughtenberry. Be sure to check back in future weeks as there are more posts from Terry in the works!  -Stacey


There are great heroes in this world. They take many forms and have many names. Superman protects his city and this world. Batman destroys evil for the good people of Gotham. My brother's favorite, Spiderman catches the villains in New York. These fictional beings keep us entertained. They provide an outlet that always sees that the good guy wins, in the end. But in our world, they sometimes lose. They are mere humans. These are our real heroes.

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12 Months of Christmas:  March | Higdons' Happy Home

I'm so excited about the category my church picked for this month's Operation Christmas Child:  Wearables!  This category is great for DIYers to show off their more creative side.  It's also a good chance to get your kids involved in creating things for other children.  I was inspired by the woman in the video below, so my daughter and I went to the store and bought a couple packages of pony beads.  She's still kind of little for making necklaces and bracelets, but she loves playing with the colorful beads and has tested all of my creations for durability.  She's even modeled a few!

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I don't think I would be alone in saying that my life right now looks nothing like the things I had planned.  I never planned on getting married, but then I met the amazing man that I now call my husband.  But the wedding bells didn't ring right away.  It took us four years to get from our first date to our first introduction as Mr. & Mrs.

I had so many plans for married life.  I've never really traveled before.  I imagined we could take long train rides to the mountains or the beach.  We would ride motorcycles to campouts or rallies with our friends.  We would explore the little shops that make up the historical districts in the small towns we would visit.

But we quickly went from newlyweds to new parents.  Little shops mean you have to keep track of little hands that want to touch everything.  Motorcycles are really only made for two.  And long train rides lose all their romance when you're responsible for a screaming baby.  This was not at all what I had planned.

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Last month I challenged you to get a group of friends together and start collecting items for Operation Christmas Child.  This month, we're collecting musical instruments.

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I have a pretty amazing husband.  Maybe I'm a little biased, but that's okay.  But sometimes I think he gets stressed out because he thinks he needs to make some grand gesture to show me how much he cares.  So, I decided to make a short list of some of the things he already does that show me how much he loves me!

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When it comes to doing chores, a household runs more smoothly if the whole family is involved.  I made sure that my daughter was involved in helping with laundry before she could walk.  As I folded laundry I would play peek-a-boo with her using the different pieces of clothing.  As we played I would name the different articles of clothing and tell her what color they were.  As she grew I started giving her responsibilities of her own.  Here are some ideas on how to involve your child with laundry.

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Some Days Will Be Better Than Others

I remember one day showing up to my daughter's daycare to see a little boy clinging to his father's legs.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as his father tried desperately to get the little boy go inside so he could leave for work.  As I walked up with my baby girl he looked at me and tiredly said, "Some days will be better than others."

How true.

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Nursing Homes Need Children

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a video that got me a little choked up.  Maybe you've seen it.  It's of a nursing home in Seattle, Washington that also housed a pre-school full of 3-5 year olds.  The videos shows elderly residents playing, learning, and laughing with the small children.  It seems like an unlikely match, but as you watch the video it seems to make perfect sense!

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12 Months of Christmas:  January | Higdons' Happy Home

For the last several years, my church and my family have been involved in Operation Christmas Child, which is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse.  I'll let everyone's favorite Uncle Si explain


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No blog post today because I'm spending Christmas with my family.  So instead, here are some videos of Christmas homecomings of military families.  Better grab some tissues!

Soldier coming home wraps himself up as... by KMBC

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