At the craft group I meet with, there is often an exchange of surplus or unwanted supplies. I was really excited a few weeks ago when someone brought in a colorful assortment of tulle they didn't need. I was wanting to make my daughter a tutu for her rainbow pony party and this was exactly what I needed to do it.

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My New Garden | Higdons' Happy Home

Okay, so maybe this idea isn't the most original, but I planted a garden this weekend and my edging didn't cost me a dime! When my husband and I bought our house it had this ugly decorative wood all along the top. Someone had taken our old farm-style house and tried to give it some Victorian flare. Well . . . they missed the mark. My husband jokingly referred to it as our house's tiara.

Last summer, my husband and my father-in-law climbed on-top of the house and tore it all down. Ahh! The house looks so much better now! We put all the lumber by the garage for future use. Well, I finally found a use for it!

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Cleaning out my closet is hard for me.  I'm not to the level of a hoarder, but I don't like letting things go.  So I was really sad when I discovered that one of my favorite polos had a small stain in the front.  I hate that something so small could be so noticeable!  But why waste a perfectly good shirt when I can cover the stain up?  So that's what I did!

My stained polo and the fabric that will save it.

Stains on the front of my favorite polo

Using one of my daughter's dresses as a guide, I cut the length of the shirt down to a 12-18m size.  Then I cut off the sleeves and excess fabric down the sides, allowing extra fabric for seams.  Once I sewed the sides together, I then had the basic shape for the dress.  Nothing too complicated. 

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Creating the Design

I want to give credit where credit is due.  I originally got this idea from the blog "One Good Thing" by Jillee.  I was looking for something to make as a fundraising project.  My goal is to sell this quilt in the silent auction this year at the Kansas State Rally for the Christian Motorcyclist Association.  My husband and I have been members for 3 years now, and our Run for the Son fundraiser has become very important to me.  This seemed like a great way to take a little bit of money and grow it into a large donation!

I also have to give credit to my husband.  He helped me design the layout for my blanket.  The colors and layout point back to some of the symbolism of the backpatch we wear. 

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