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My daughter is my little fashionista.  You never know what combination of clothing, shoes, and accessories she's going to come out with next.  And she definitely has preferences--skirts over jeans, flip-flops over boots, and anything purple is good in her book.  So I know there will be plenty for her to love about Gymboree's #followyourart Spring line.

Maybe something cute for church, like this:

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Stardust Explores the Solar System

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At 8 years old, Bailey Harris got the idea for her very first book.  While watching Cosmos:  A Space-Time Odyssey with her family, she learned that our bodies are all made up of stardust and was so excited she wanted to let other kids know.  With the help of her dad, Douglas Harris, Bailey wrote, "My Name is Stardust".  After a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Bailey's book was published in 2017 and thousands of copies have been sold.

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Homey Chore App

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Fundraising is hard--especially if you're fundraising with youth.  You can sell things like coupons books, wrapping paper, and candy bars, or you can have works days like car washes or lawn care.  But then, how do you go about fairly splitting the money?

When my youth group started raising money for the mission field last year we set a goal for each student to raise $100.  There were some rewards associated with reaching that goal.  Each student who raised $100 got a t-shirt from the organization that we were sending the money to, and one of our youth agreed to let us shave his head if everyone met their goal.  Don't misunderstand our intentions--we are raising money to spread the gospel of Christ around the world, not to earn prizes.  But, it's fun to celebrate all our hard-work by setting goals and celebrating at the end of the year with prizes (and a party)!

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As a kid I loved dressing up for Halloween.  I usually knew well ahead of time exactly what I wanted to be.  But now that I'm an adult I feel a little different.  I dread spending my hard-earned money one something my daughter will wear for one night.  So, we've come up with a compromise--she can be whatever she wants to be, but we're buying things she can wear again.

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Product Review:  Daddy Van's Furniture Polish | Higdons' Happy Home

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We are getting a late start on 'Spring Cleaning' here at the Higdon home.  We decided to convert the spare bedroom into an office for my husband so things have been extra chaotic the last few weeks!  We've shampooed the carpet, set-up some new office equipment, and even polished some of the furniture.

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Normally when I review a book on my blog it's because an author or publisher has sent me a free copy to read so I can share my opinion of the book with you.  This time though, that's not the case.  I was scrolling through my newsfeed on LinkedIn and saw that Pastor Andy Addis had written a children's book and I was curious, so I bought a copy.  I've heard Pastor Addis preach to adults and families on Sunday mornings, college students on Wednesday nights at Christian Challenge, and youth at our annual InDepth conference, so I wanted to know what he would have to say to a slightly younger audience.

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

As one of only two female firefighters in my class, I couldn't wait to get this book to read to my daughter!  My husband asked me once why I bought so many "boys" clothes for my daughter.  I would look at the pjs with the police cars on them and the jacket with the firetruck, then I would look at my husband and remind him, "Only one of us has ever driven an ambulance and, it isn't you."

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Shop the Little Golden Books Collection at Gymboree!

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Grab your little one and curl up with a good book!  That's what you'll want to do when you see Gymboree's new Little Golden Books Baby Collection!  Based on the classic children’s books we know and love, Gymboree has a whole line of baby clothes featuring “The Poky Little Puppy”, “The Fuzzy Little Duckling” and “The Shy Little Kitten”.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Anyone who has tried to feed their child applesauce understands that dinner is probably going to go one of two ways:  1) your dining room looks like an apple exploded, or 2) you end up spoon feeding your child their entire meal while yours gets cold and soggy.

But there is also a third option:  you can put that applesauce into a BasicsBest reusable food pouch and your child can feed herself without the mess!

The first time I saw someone using a food pouch I thought it was silly, but I got caught out on a shopping trip and needed something to feed my kid fast.  I grabbed a pouch of pureed spinach and pears off the shelf.  My daughter loved it!  She goes crazy for food pouches like most kids do for candy.  And you know what?  She's getting excited about fruit, vegetables, and yogurt!

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