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Anyone who has tried to feed their child applesauce understands that dinner is probably going to go one of two ways:  1) your dining room looks like an apple exploded, or 2) you end up spoon feeding your child their entire meal while yours gets cold and soggy.

But there is also a third option:  you can put that applesauce into a BasicsBest reusable food pouch and your child can feed herself without the mess!

The first time I saw someone using a food pouch I thought it was silly, but I got caught out on a shopping trip and needed something to feed my kid fast.  I grabbed a pouch of pureed spinach and pears off the shelf.  My daughter loved it!  She goes crazy for food pouches like most kids do for candy.  And you know what?  She's getting excited about fruit, vegetables, and yogurt!

The great thing about having reusable pouches is that you can fill them with your own food, whether it be applesauce, yogurt, or a vegetable puree.  My husband has even used it to give our daughter soup!

To fill the pouches you open the zipper on the bottom of the pouch.  I find it is easiest to put the pouch upside-down in a drinking glass and spoon the food into it.  I wasn't sure about the zipper the first time I used it, but I gave it a couple of good squeezes before I gave it to my daughter and everything held.

To clean it, you unzip the bottom and remove the top so that you can run soap and water through it.  My husband said he was impressed with how easy they were to clean.

There are four different patterns available.  We chose the sports and airplane themed pouches, but there are also one with flower and hot air balloons.

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