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Grab your little one and curl up with a good book!  That's what you'll want to do when you see Gymboree's new Little Golden Books Baby Collection!  Based on the classic children’s books we know and love, Gymboree has a whole line of baby clothes featuring “The Poky Little Puppy”, “The Fuzzy Little Duckling” and “The Shy Little Kitten”.

Remember reading "The Poky Little Puppy" as a kid?  Now you and your little one can cuddle under a blanket and read the classic.  Keep your toddler warm and cozy in matching puppy pajamas!  The blue striped pjs snap up the side to make diaper changes easy and have a little pocket in the front.  The front shows pictures of the Poky Little Puppy taking a break and playing with a snail.


Or take your daughter out for a walk with this adorable 2 piece outfit featuring "The Fuzzy Little Duckling".  Button straps on the polka-dotted top make dressing and undressing easy.  Floral bloomers with elastic ruffle cuffs make for cute bottoms.  Soft-soled sandals in a matching floral print complete the outfit.  Or, if you little one is walking (or running) there are ducky socks to wear with her regular hard-soled shoes.


There's no need to be shy when your little girly is out meeting people in this cute dress featuring "The Shy Little Kitten".  The shy little kitten is exploring flowers and butterflies around the hem of the dress.  A pink belt wraps around the waist with a bow in the back.  Tie it all together with a cute pink headband and matching kitten socks!


Do you have a niece or a grandson with an upcoming birthday?  Why not pair an outfit with a book for the perfect gift?  Pajamas for the perfect bedtime story, or clothes for an adventure!  Even after your toddler has outgrown the outfit he'll have a story you love reading together for years to come!



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