Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

As one of only two female firefighters in my class, I couldn't wait to get this book to read to my daughter!  My husband asked me once why I bought so many "boys" clothes for my daughter.  I would look at the pjs with the police cars on them and the jacket with the firetruck, then I would look at my husband and remind him, "Only one of us has ever driven an ambulance and, it isn't you."

I love exposing my daughter to all the careers that are available to her without worrying about who "typically" does these jobs.  But I also worry that there seems to be a push for women to enter fields typically dominated by men and leave behind their femininity.  And that's NOT what I want to teach my daughter.  I think this book does a great job showing girls that they can be a woman in a male dominated field without changing who they are.  But I also love that it doesn't try to turn girls off of careers that are stereotypically "female" careers.  Doctor, nurse, teacher, firefighter, construction worker . . . it covers a wide variety of jobs.

But, while I thought the content was great, I found the presentation to be somewhat lacking.  The rhythm of the story was somewhat "off" which made it difficult to read.  It was written to rhyme, but on occasion, the rhymes were on different pages which made reading it feel . . . awkward.  The illustrations were cute and depicted two little girls trying out different careers in all of their girly glory.  But at the same time, because of the medium that was used, the pictures appeared blurry which was distracting.

Even though I was really excited to read this book, my daughter really wasn't that interested.  But to be fair, she's not really old enough to be interested in careers yet (or even understand what they are).  I think I will put this book on the shelf for a little while and try again when she's a little older.

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