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As a kid I loved dressing up for Halloween.  I usually knew well ahead of time exactly what I wanted to be.  But now that I'm an adult I feel a little different.  I dread spending my hard-earned money one something my daughter will wear for one night.  So, we've come up with a compromise--she can be whatever she wants to be, but we're buying things she can wear again.

My daughter loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Not a problem!  We bought a t-shirt with a turtle shell printed on it and paired it with a red tutu she already owns.  Because it's cold outside she'll need a green long-sleeve shirt and tights.  We even found some Ninja Turtle water shoes that she can wear next summer when we go canoeing (they're a little big, but she doesn't care).  Finish it off with a red mask made from an old t-shirt and I give you a Ninja Turtle--plus some new clothes she can wear throughout the year.


Last year she was a princess.  This one's super easy!  We put her in a Disney Princess nightgown, a pink ruffly cardigan, and white dress shoes. Then we topped it off with a tiara left over from her birthday party.  If you're worried about visibility while trick-or-treating you can buy an inexpensive glow-in-the-dark tiara and princess wand.


Or maybe you have a little buckaroo.  Who better to put together a western outfit than Wrangler?  I love this plaid, button-down bodysuit.  Of course you need the Wrangler jeans and Durango boots to complete the outfit.


Is your kid into space?  Why not dress her as a space cadet? Just pick up some astronaut pajamas or a romper!

And who can resist a tiny bear cub?  Match MagicBean's bear gloves, boots, and hooded vest with something your little one already owns.


Zutano Shaggy Toffee Vest With Ears
Zutano Baby Cozie Fleece Booties
Infant Bearhands

Kidorable's rain gear makes a great Firefighter costume.  Their firefighter jacket comes with a helmet.  Add black pants and rubber boots and your little hero is ready to save the day!


A kitten?  No problem!  A leopard print jacket from Crazy 8, black tights, and black shoes will do the trick.  Add a headband with cat ears and use eyeliner to add a black nose and whiskers.  Purrrfect!


Leopard Hoodie
Sparkle Stripe Leggings
Cat-Ear Headband

Skeleton pajamas are abundant this time of year.  Plus, some of them glow in the dark!


Superhero outfits are so easy!  Whether it's Batman pajamas or Wonder Woman dress, you pretty much just have to put them on!

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