Disclaimer:  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

My daughter right now is working on teeth #5 and #6.  Her first four teeth didn't give her any problems, but with these last two she will bite down on a piece of cereal or a cracker and then start screaming and pulling the pieces of food out of her mouth as quickly as she can.

For this reason, I was excited to have the chance to review the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.  Several of my trusted mom-friends have had great results with amber necklaces, with the most common response being, "I wish I had had one of these for all my kids!"

I learned after receiving the necklace that my daycare does not allow them.  So because my daughter can only wear the necklace while she's with me I didn't see the same results that my friends did.  There was a small bit of relief, as her scream turned more into a whine, but my friends defiantly had much better results.    I contacted the person I received the necklace from and learned that the amount of time the necklace is worn does has an effect on the efficacy.

But I still put it on her.  Especially when she is dressed up, like for church or when we visit people.  There are two reasons I like the Baltic Amber Necklace:  the beauty and the quality. 

Each piece of amber is a different color, which is not something I have seen where I live.  All the toddlers I have seen have a necklace that is only a single color of bead.  The necklace itself is very gender neutral, but when my daughter wears it, it really compliments her feminine features. 

The design was also created with child safety in mind.  Instead of a claw clasp like you would see on an adult necklace, the closure is made of two pieces of amber that screw together.  This not only hides the closure, but keep little hands from removing it.  My daughter is quick to remove shoes and headbands and screams when I try to put clips or ponytails in her hair, but she will sit patiently while I put her necklace on and doesn't tug at it or complain.

Also, between each bead is a knot.  This means if my toddler were to somehow break the necklace I don't have to worry about the whole string of beads coming undone and creating a choking hazard for her.

So, I am disappointed that the Baltic Amber Necklace didn't solve all my toddler's teething problems.  Other than myself, I have yet to hear of a parent who didn't see great results.  It just didn't work out with our daycare.  But I have to say, because of the beauty and quality of this amber necklace, I like using this necklace with my daughter (and the customer service isn't too bad either)!


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