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My Go-to Diapers

These are the diapers that my husband and I prefer!



These diapers are reasonably priced and very absorbent.  As a bonus, they have a nice baby powder scent which makes our nursery smell good.  Occasionally our grocery store will run a sell on Luvs which makes them the same prices as Comforts For Baby.  In that case, we stock up!

Plus, I'd like to give a shout-out to whoever runs Luvs' Twitter account.  You make my day!


Comforts For Baby

This was the big surprise for us.  These diapers are the best deal for your money.  Some off-brand diapers feel paper-thin, but these are absorbent, without being "poofy".  I give these a lot for baby showers just to show moms that they have low-priced options that work!  Note:  These diapers run a size smaller than most.  So if your child wears a size 1 in other brands, you're going to want a size 2.


Up & Up

Don't let the way these diapers look fool you.  They are very absorbent, they just don't look or feel like it.  My husband and I like these diapers (especially the price), but the fact that the diaper turns yellow when it's wet grosses other people out.  Target tends to run some pretty good sales on these diapers, but we don't really have a Target close to us.  My husband and I thought about ordering them online in bulk and taking advantage of their free shipping, but it's a lot more convenient for us to pick up diapers when we're grocery shopping.

Note:  When Target runs a really good promotion on their diapers, expect them to sell out quickly!



Same Quality, Just More Expensive

Great diapers, we just go with the cheaper options.


Pampers & Huggies

These are both quality diapers, but also a little pricey.  We did enjoy the wetness indicator when we first brought our daughter home.  She was very sensitive to wet diapers and we didn't always know why she was upset.  I recommend these for first time parents until they can get a handle on what their baby is trying to tell them.

Some parents really like the umbilical cord cut-out with the Huggies.  I found that it was easier to fold down the top of a regular diaper because it gave me a little more control on the placement.

Both Huggies & Pampers both have a reward points program for customers of their diaper & wipes products, but this really isn't an influencing factor for me.  I don't buy enough of either brand to qualify for many of their rewards.


In a Pinch

These diapers work if you need to stretch your dollar till the next payday . . . or you just forgot to fill your diaper bag before you left the house.


Parents Choice

Not the most absorbent diaper I've tried.  They worked well for our daughter when she was strictly bottle-fed, but they just couldn't keep up once she started eating solids.


Best Choice & Well Beginnings

I buy these when I'm out and forgot to bring diapers, but they will never be my preferred diaper.  They are very stiff, so they don't baby's curves as well as other options.


Don't Waste Your Money

Yeah.  They're that bad.


White Cloud

I do not recommend these diapers.  They didn't really hold much of anything.  My husband went to put one on my daughter and the elastic around one of the legs actually tore off of the diaper.  Don't waste your money.  There's really not much else to say.

The White Cloud diaper tore when my husband went to put it on my daughter. | Higdons' Happy Home

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