Best Kids Books Ever (as picked by my 3 year old daughter)

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It can be difficult to predict what books kids in different age groups will like.  Partially because they can be so unpredicatable.  One moment they love it, the next they've completely lost interest.  If you're searching for books that might interest a 3 year old girl, here are some of my daughter's favorites from when she was that age.  Maybe your daughter will love them too!


God Made You Special

Greg Fritz

It's a VeggieTales book with a musical button that sings to my daughter about how special she is.  What's not to love!


Potty Time with Elmo

Kelli Kaufmann
Illustrated by Sue DiCicco and Tom Brannon

Potty humor is never lost on a pre-schooler.  She love pushing the buttons to make flushing noises and listening as Elmo teaches his doll how to use the potty.


Caterpillar Dance

by Will Grace, Illustrated by Scott McBee

Your pre-schooler can practice her colors as she rubs the colorful caterpillars and watches them turn into beautiful butterflies!


Pawsome Teamwork

It's Paw Patrol.  She loves it.


Royal Princess Homes

Andrea Posner-Sanchez
Illustrated by Francesco Legramandi

This book is kind of cool because you read a short introduction to each princess and then the pages fold out into a poster-sized picture with objects to look for.


Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon!

by Dan Yaccarino

The rhymes in this book are fun.  My daughter and I will recite parts of the story to each other as I tuck her into bed or buckle her into her car seat.


Walt Disney's Cinderella

from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading

Straight from the Disney movie.


Alligator Baby

Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This is a funny story about a little girl's parents mixing up her baby brother with different baby animals.  We read this a lot while I was expecting Baby #2 and replaced the main character's name with my daughter's name.


Disney Pixar Storybook Collection

Adapted by Megan Ilnitzki
Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team

Your favorite Disney stories all in one book!


Disney Princess Animal Friends

Veronica Wagner
Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Artists

A Play-A-Sound(R) book about Disney princesses and their friends from the animal kingdon.


Tie Your Shoes with the Paw Patrol!

After reading this book more times than I can count, my daughter still doesn't know how to tie her shoes--but I've learned three new ways!


Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD

Adapted by Calliope Glass
Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Artists

The story of Disney's Frozen with an audio CD featuring voices from the movie.  My daughter looks at the book and listens to the CD, but never at the same time...


The Nuts:  Sing & Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants

Eric Litwin and Scott Magoon

This may be one of my favorites.  You have to go online and find the video Eric Litwin has made to go with this book.  Every time you see polka dots, this song will get stuck in your head!


Disney Doc McStuffins:  Little First Look and Find

Illustrated by Warner McGee and the Disney Storybook Artists

My daughter was really into Look and Finds this year.  We have been through the books so many times that I have started picking out random things in the pictures for her to find.  She has memorized where everything is so I know it's not challenging for her anymore, but she still loves them!


Disney Frozen:  First Look and Find

Jennifer H. Keast, Illustrated by Kelly Grupczynski and the Disney Storybook Art Team

Again with the Look and Finds.


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