Disclaimer: I received this cleaner for free in order to write a review. Below is my honest opinion of the product after using it in my own home.  If you are interested in purchasing this, or other products from Greenwald's, I have provided affiliate links at the end of this post.  When you purchase an item using one of my affiliate links I receive a commission for the sale, which helps support this blog.

I will admit, I am a little skeptical of environmentally friendly cleaners. It's not that I'm out to destroy the environment or anything. I'm just a little worried that I'll spend extra money and end up with a bottle of colored water. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Greenwald's cleaners cost less than my regular cleaners, but create less waste.

Our town doesn't recycle old spray bottles, so they always end up in the trash. Greenwald's cleaners come in dissolving packets that you can use in your own spray bottles. Even though the idea of saving money and keeping plastic bottles out the landfill appealed to me, I still was a little skeptical. So I decided to put it up against the toughest cleaning job I know--my bathtub!

My kid likes to play in the dirt and wears more food than she eats. So it doesn't take long for our bathtub to look like this:

Apply Greenwald's Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner and some elbow grease, and you get this.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I would say as far as cleaning power, this product is on-par with the ones my husband and I used before (and it smells better).

But here are the things I really like about Greenwald's:

  1. The Price. The previous cleaner my husband and I used cost $0.23/fl oz. Greenwald's All Purpose cleaner costs less than $0.09/fl oz. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime--free 2-day shipping! (Although, I received this package for free to do this review).
  2. The size. I have a daughter who has decided she can help herself to anything in the cabinets. This really limits where my husband and I can store our cleaners. So if I can store 6 quarts of cleaner in a space the size of a sponge, I'm all for that!
  3. Use your own bottle. I live near a Rubbermaid factory, so plastic spray bottles are cheap here. But this also means that I don't have a bunch of spray bottles filling up my trashcan. Because the packets of cleaner dissolve in the water, I don't have those laying around either. Seriously, my kid thinks the trash can is full of treasures. It would just be a matter of time before she dug one out thinking it was the last remaining drops of an orange popsicle! Dissolving in the bottle is better.
  4. Make it yourself. Part of it is the inner kid in me. I like watch watching the pack float around in the water like a little goldfish until the whole bottle turns orange. But I also like that you can choose your strength. I used one pack which was strong enough to clean my bathtub and my daughter's play kitchen. If you need something stronger, just add a second pack.

I really don't have any complaints. This cleaner does everything my old one did for less money. I would be interested to see packs in smaller sizes. My husband wants to try this cleaner on his motorcycle, and I could see him carrying it in his bags to rallys and parades, but 32oz is a lot of cleaner. But even that has an easy solution. I can make a big bottle for me and just dump some off into a smaller bottle for him and everyone is happy!

It you want to order this Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner (Affiliate Link) or learn more about other Greenwald's products, visit their website at


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